Get Connected

By: Erica Swoish, Agency Director

The importance of building and maintaining professional connections has manifested in several ways for PRSSA’s student-run public relations agency, Hubbell Connections, this semester. Through both the agency’s growing reputation and networking done by past and current directors, two new additions have been made to the agency’s expanding client list.

In early January, the Hubbell Connections team was hired by Spartan alumnus and Campus Commandos CEO Adam Grant. Grant had recently acquired eBay as a client for his marketing company and was looking for a team of eager individuals to contribute to eBay’s promotional efforts on Michigan State’s campus. The team quickly set out to compile a plan of action for eBay’s new “upcycling” initiative. The initiative was created to motivate students into upgrading and recycling old, unwanted items collecting dust in their dorm rooms or back at home. In the upcoming months, Hubbell Connections will be responsible for promoting, coordinating and hosting a series of events to inform students about the advantages of using eBay to sell their unwanted items.

Hubbell Connections also has partnered with the Capital City Film Festival taking place in April this year. After receiving an email from Jake Pechtel, a past meeting presenter, regarding an available internship opportunity with the festival, the agency offered its services to promote the Lansing-based event. Hubbell Connections is rolling out all the stops to implement a full media relations campaign in six major zones across Michigan. The team will be working to further promote the festival across various social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter and a newly developed blog.

The agency currently consists of 44 members, divided between eight teams, strategizing and executing various public relations tactics for 13 clients (and counting).


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