New Client, The Capital City Film Festival

By: Chelsea Dietlin, Account Executive

Each semester the PRSSA students of Michigan State University extend their communication and public relations skills into the Lansing community through their involvement with the Hubbell Connections student-run agency. By participating in the organization, we all hope to encounter opportunities where we will be able to showcase the skills acquired through our coursework and internships in real word scenarios (not to mention help curb the aspiring PR professional’s insatiable need to volunteer). It has been to my great fortune that this spring I was asked to lead the team for one of Hubbell Connection’s newest clients, the Capital City Film Festival (CCFF).

Our team of six has been busily working with festival representatives to plan communication strategies for this 100 percent volunteer-based event. The festival takes place April 12-15 right here in Lansing. It will include feature films and shorts, student showcases, live concerts, awesome after parties and, for the first time, is partnering with the internationally renowned convention “TED” for “TEDxLansing.”

It has been up to our very own superstar team of Hubbell Connections members to prepare a statewide public relations campaign to be launched March 1. With each associate bravely taking complete control over the strategic planning for Michigan’s high media zones such as Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor and Traverse City, it is our efforts that will help ensure the second annual Capital City Film Festival experiences an increase in ticket sales and an opportunity for the local community to thrive from the heightened level of touring traffic.

Despite high-pressure project demands, we have been able to stay on track and manage coursework by maintaining active in-group communication. This has included midnight calls and texts, hundreds of exchanged emails and weekly meeting updates with “mini” professional development lessons relevant to the group projects for each the week. My philosophy is that an informed team is the most efficient team. I don’t think any one of us knew what an amazing experience we would participate in when first taking on the Capital City Film Festival as a client for Hubbell Connections. I can tell you that we are so excited to have such an amazing opportunity to perform outstanding work while continuing to learn about the real world of public relations and grow through group interaction and education.

If you would like more information about the Capital City Film Festival, or are interested in attending, please visit


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