Sweet Success at Buffalo Wild Wings

By: Elaine Johnson, Account Associate

This Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 the Buffalo Wild Wings account team hosted our first event at the restaurant’s East Lansing location. The event was ‘Spartan Basketball Bingo,’ and it turned out to be quite a success.  After passing out 62 bingo cards to a restaurant of 53 tables, we had 34 cards validated and 14 prize winners.

Guests were given bingo cards, along with a list of Hubbell Connections approved terms, such as “Draymond Green scores a three pointer,” to fill them with.  After filling up their cards, and having them validated by a Hubbell Connections team member, players were ready to go for a bingo. We were quite surprised by how quickly the bingos started rolling in. Throughout the event, we gave away some really great Buffalo Wild Wings prizes, including a $25 gift certificate, a Buffalo Wild Wings lawn chair, two over the door basketball hoops and 10 drink cozies.

We were extremely excited to receive such a great response from the Buffalo Wild Wings guests, who had nothing but wonderful feedback for us. Overall the event was a great success, and the Buffalo Wild Wings account team is excited to begin preparation for our next event on Friday, March 16 featuring Michigan State University Trivia. The team predicts this event will be bigger and better than the first!

Visit Hubbell Connections’ Facebook page for more photos from this event.


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