Hubbell Connections 101

By: Jennifer O’Neill, Account Associate

Last fall was the beginning of my first year working at Hubbell Connections. I was a little skeptical because I thought, “How much real life experience am I actually going to get working with a small, student-run public relations agency?”

Umm… A LOT.

This semester, I am working on the Capital City Film Festival (CCFF) as an account associate and let me tell you, my plate is FULL. My account executive, Chelsea Dietlin, has us working our butts off, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Each group member is in charge of their own region in the state of Michigan to develop a communication outreach plan and media list for that region. We’re also in charge of contacting all media, sending out promotional posters and flyers, as well as conducting our own promotional outreach at universities in our region. If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. I’m busier with the CCFF than I am with my actual classes — but I love that because I feel like everything I’ve been learning in my PR classes I can now finally put to use.

The best part about working on the Capital City Film Festival is that it’s an actual event. This isn’t a group project or assignment for class. This is an actual client with an actual event, that needs actual PR, and I’m working for them.

This is exactly what Hubbell Connections offers. Real life experience with real clients. So the work you do matters, and the experience and knowledge you gain is completely different from something you would learn in a classroom. In my opinion, Hubbell Connections is the best “class” I’ve ever taken.


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