On My Way in the World of Public Relations

By: Qi Wu, Account Associate

I am an international graduate student, which is different from most other members of Hubbell Connections. What sets me apart from other students is that I received my undergraduate degree in electric engineering when I lived in China. Yes! I was an engineering student, but I realized that I didn’t want to be an engineer as my future career when I graduated. I prefer to communicate with people instead of computers! That’s why I choose public relations.

Everything was new to me when I came to the USA last August, both the new environment and the new major. I tried to get involved as much as possible to gain more experience. Fortunately, I found Hubbell Connections and became an account associate last semester. My account executive is Danielle Beer. She is a very nice person and helps me a lot. We work with Next Step Test Prep (NSTP), which is a company that helps students with tests like the GRE and LSAT. We write news releases, build media lists and send out letters for NSTP. I gain a lot of experience from it, which is more useful than class work.

This semester, besides Next Step Text Prep, eBay became our group’s second client. We are so excited because eBay is very famous and such a big client. Now eBay is running a campaign called “Upcycling” at MSU. Students can sell their useless stuff on eBay and buy new things with the money they make. Although we faced several challenges while running the campaign, like being turned down when booking rooms on campus, we still gain experience by pushing forward and finding what tactics work best on our campus.

I didn’t know what the future held when I choose to study aboard and major in public relations, but I am now well prepared. Thanks to Hubbell Connections I am able to move forward. Maybe I am still new to public relations, but I am on my way!

What are your best tips for gaining experience in the public relations field? Let us know in the comment section below.


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