Get Out of Michigan and See the World

By: Go Takei, Account Associate

It is still crazy for many students to think about getting out of East Lansing and exploring new career or academic opportunities; however, those students have no idea what they would be missing out on from those experiences. In November 2011, Michigan State University, as the only Big Ten University, has been placed in the Top 10 institutions for both Study Abroad participation and international student enrollment.

From my experience, I would not have made this many connections with professionals and students from different backgrounds or thought about how important internship and study abroad experience is if I had not made my own way abroad to Michigan State University. I still have many struggles being a Communications student in a different country; however, my current and previous work experiences have made me learn how to communicate with a diverse group of people.

I am currently interning at the College of Social Science Dean’s Office as a Marketing Intern and assisting them in promoting the MSU Study Away/Abroad and Internship programs. One of our upcoming programs, New Orleans Study Away and Internship program, is taking place during Spring Semester 2013. This program offers the great opportunity for students to make connections with people from many backgrounds, as well as learn about the unique culture, food and politics in New Orleans. Full-time semester courses and a hands-on public service internship experience will be provided in coordination with Tulane University; therefore, students do not need to put in as much effort as many other PR students in finding an internship. Learning about public services in another culture would definitely be one step up for learning about Public Relations!

If you have any questions about the New Orleans program, please send an email to or visit us at


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