Hubbell How-To’s: A Grassroots Campaign

By: Amanda Dietlin, Account Associate

If you are in public relations more than likely you will have to use a grassroots method at least once for most campaigns. The point of using the grassroots method is to take your message, ideas or product to directly to the community. This can be done many ways, some of the more effective techniques are through social media, local media, posters and flyers, holding events, getting local leaders in the community to advocate for you or talking to people in person. These are very effective methods in a grassroots campaign, since you are then getting involved in the community and bringing the message directly to them, which allows you to educate people on your message as well as make people more apt to listen to you. Some methods depending on the message you are conveying can be more effective than others. You must first decide what type of campaign are you running: an election campaign, event promotion, petition or policy support, or promoting a message from a business.

Once you’ve identified what type of campaign you are running you can then use the techniques that will be most effective in promoting your message. If you are running an election campaign, or trying to gain support for or against a policy or message, some of the best ways to get your message out into the community is through events to raise awareness and support. In addition, you can get local leaders to advocate your message, this will get the attention of the community and make them more apt to listen and support your message. You also can talk to people face to face. This is effective because when you are talking to someone in person they will listen to what you, and if it’s an election campaign it will make you more relatable. Depending on how big your message or election campaign is, social media can have a huge impact. In an election with a smaller target audience, such as a mayoral election, social media can still have a big impact, even though that impact may not be as large as in a presidential election. For promoting business messages, you can use the same techniques as the political campaign, but it will be more important to use the media and social media to spread your message on a large scale throughout the community. It is important for the message to send people into the community in order to educate the public on this message directly. If you are promoting an event, a great way to reach out to the community is to hang posters so people can see the event details, and also use social media and traditional media to your advantage in spreading news and information about the event so people will know about it and get excited. Individuals can go into the community to promote and inform people about the event.

Overall for the grassroots method to work, you need to reach out and go into the community to spread your message. The techniques I have listened above are some of the most common and effective ways to create a close connection between you and the people. This close connection to your target audiences is crucial to the success of any campaign.

What other methods do you use to spread your company’s message? Let us know in the comment section below.


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