My Experience: P&G and the Summer Olympic Games

By: Qi Wu, Account Associate

I was lucky to have the opportunity of working at the headquarters of Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio, this summer.  In fact, I worked as a public relations analyst for Cision Global Analysts, which is a media monitoring and analysis company. P&G is one of Cision’s biggest clients. Two professionals from Cision and four interns, including me, had a wonderful journey in Cincinnati together.

So what was the biggest sporting event this summer? Right, it’s the Olympic Games. As one of the Olympic sponsors, P&G launched its “Thank You Mom” campaign, and sponsored more than 150 athletes and families all around the world. Recently, P&G’s “Best Job” commercial won Emmy Award. I believe it’s a successful campaign because the commercial touched me a lot, but what I believe doesn’t count. P&G needs quantitative data to prove the effectiveness of its campaign.

That’s what I did for my internship—monitored and analyzed news media for P&G during the summer Olympic Games. Nielsen, which is a marketing research company, worked with us, but they focused on monitoring social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Cision Global Analysts has its own platform with a large database of news and updates. I was trained as a coder with three other interns before I went to Cincinnati for nearly one month. If you are familiar with content analysis in research, that’s basically the concept.  We needed to input information such as attitude, source and summary into the platform manually.  After the platform closed at 3 p.m. every day, we pull out the data from the system and analyzed the data for how the news media reported about P&G, its brands or the campaign. In addition, I assisted in delivering Cision’s over-night report, where we collected big news about Olympic Games to organize mid-game and final-game reports indicating the appearance and attitude for each of P&G’s brands in the news media.

I was thrilled to experience this great opportunity this summer that will be undoubtably helpful in my future career.

What unique summer experiences did you have this summer? Were they directly related to your field or something completely different? Tell us in the comment section below.


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