Students Save with Speadi

By: Claire Carroll, Account Executive

Michigan State University’s student-run public relations agency, Hubbell Connections, has accepted Speadi’s Campus Challenge.  Speadi is an original marketing program that helps local businesses reach their consumers in real-time.  The businesses that run Speadi deals are called “sponsors” and the consumers are the called “runners”.  So, how do we win this challenge?  The answer is simple: sign up sponsors and runners. Some people may ask, “Why should I sign up for Speadi?” When the real question is “Why wouldn’t I sign up for Speadi?”  Speadi offers both the runner and the sponsor a unique and awesome experience!

As a runner you get updates from Speadi regarding your favorite local businesses.  You will know when they are running deals on the items that you like and want.  It is so simple! All you need to do is download the application on your smart phone and then you will start receiving deals from local sponsors.  When you see a deal that you want, click “I want it” and then run to go get the deal before they are all out.

As a sponsor you can easily reach your runners by the push of the button.  It is not like out-of-date coupons or other online deal providers.  Speadi allows you to be the driver.  You control the traffic of your business selling what you need to when you need to.  If you need to get rid of clearance items or if you are having a slow day… send out a Speadi deal! The great part is Speadi does not charge sponsors up-front fees and they do not revenue share.  All you pay is $9.99 every time you decide to send out a deal.

This week we will kick off the Speadi campaign!  We will be signing up as many sponsors and runners as we can in the East Lansing area.  Many events will take place up until the challenge ends Nov. 21.  Our team will be passing out fun Speadi swag like t-shirts, sunglasses, and koozies at popular places on campus! Our main goals are:

  • Sign up runners
  • Sign up sponsors
  • Have sponsors run deals

Other colleges are participating in the challenge too, launching Speadi on their own campus.  Look out East Lansing; Speadi is about to take the city by storm!

Would you use a mobile application to get the latest deals on your favorite local restaurants, shops and more? Let us know in the comments section below!


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