Solving the Riddle of a Murder Mystery High Tea

By: Michelle Latka, Account Associate
& Kathryn Watts, Account Executive

On the Sunday before Halloween, Wanderer’s Teahouse & Cafe hosted their annual Murder Mystery High Tea. This yearly event was a wonderful chance to celebrate the holiday, and for East Lansing and Michigan State University residents to interact.

Copyright 2012 Wanderer’s Teahouse & Cafe

Participants in the Tea were each assigned a character role in the “murder” and encouraged to dress up in their role. During the tea, they mixed and mingled, socializing with other guests to discover “who done it?” Guests were given clues to reveal to each other in order to solve the murder and those who guessed the correct murderer received a prize.

Michigan State University student and tea guest, Lauren Gibbons, said “It was nice to take a break from school and have fun in a classy way with community members of all ages.” The tea saw participants from every age range, and all interacted well to solve the mystery. From college students to adults enjoying their retirement years, the Tea was a wonderful way to interact with others in the East Lansing community who normally would not meet.

Copyright 2012 Wanderer’s Teahouse & Cafe

To promote the Murder Mystery event, the Hubbell Connections account team created fun, attention grabbing flyers for distribution around campus and online. The team also designed a Twitter Riddle contest to promote not only the event but to garner more followers for the Teahouse on the social media website. Six riddles were created relating to the Halloween holiday, and when the first letters of each answer were strung together, they spelled a new word. The first Twitter follower to guess the word correctly by tweeting it back to @WanderersELwon a free ticket to the Murder Mystery event. A winner was found only a minute after the last riddle was posted; this was a wonderful indication that followers were watching for the tweets. Facebook also was utilized to create an event page and to draw current Facebook fans to follow the Teahouse on Twitter.

Wanderer’s Teahouse ended up selling out the event. From a public relations standpoint, the event was a success, and also a great experience for the account team. It allowed them to brainstorm unique promotional ideas and learn to use social media to gain attention online. Next up, the Teahouse’s Thanksgiving Harvest Tea!

Copyright 2012 Wanderer’s Teahouse & Cafe

For more information and to stay up-to-date on the latest Teahouse events, like Wanderer’s on Facebook and follow @WanderersEL on Twitter.


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