Hubbell Connections Wraps Up the Speadi Campus Challenge

By: Kelsey Krawiecki

Throughout the fall semester, six members of Hubbell Connections worked to promote an application for smart phones called Speadi that provides a unique and cost-effective way for local businesses to reach their consumers in real-time. The goal was this: encourage consumers (called runners) and local businesses (called sponsors) to download and sign up for Speadi. Through the implementation of various marketing and promotional techniques, the team was able to work together to put the launch plan they created into action.

To sign up sponsors, the trainers (Hubbell Connections team members) visited a number of local businesses around East Lansing and Okemos. The trainers then spoke with the owners and managers of these establishments, pitching the benefits of signing up for Speadi. The team remained positive throughout the process and found success signing up multiple sponsors in the area despite the tedium of repeatedly presenting the sales pitch.

Copyright 2012 Speadi
Copyright 2012 Speadi

Signing up runners was a different process entirely. The trainers decided to focus on signing up Michigan State students, believing that students would be the largest target audience for Speadi. Speadi allotted the team $1,000 to use toward their campaign. Prior to launching the campaign, the team members created a strict budget that they maintained throughout the execution of the campaign. By giving away free Speadi promotional items around campus, the trainers were able to effectively sign up runners as well as get Speadi’s name into the public eye.

Account Executive at Speadi Campus Table
Copyright 2012 Speadi

The account team gained valuable promotional and marketing skills throughout the campaign. The team achieved success through adequate communication between members. The trainers were able to expand on existing communication skills by speaking with business owners, managers, and students. Speadi now has a base in East Lansing thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Hubbell Connections account team.

Did you get a chance to check out the Speadi table around MSU’s campus? If so, tell is what you thought in the comments section below!


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