Leveraging Social Media for a Fast Food Chain

By: Shelby Pritchett

A few weeks ago my Hubbell Connections account team received exciting news. Our team was selected to work with a new client, which we have all heard of…Conrad’s Grill. With the addition of a second location in East Lansing, the owner of Conrad’s has been looking to promote the chain and expand his clientele. This means serious work for our team!

Copyright 2012 Conrad's Grill
Copyright 2012 Conrad’s Grill

But with work comes fun, and food! A few days ago, our team met with Joe Conrad, the owner of Conrad’s, at the restaurant’s new location on Grand River. Just past Los Tres Amigos, the new store is what Joe refers to as the “classy Conrad’s.” Conrad, a former Spartan himself, has decorated the new location with lots of Spartan pride. I don’t think I saw one wall that wasn’t adorned with something Michigan State related. At the start of our meeting, Joe greeted us with some fried appetizers and got down business.

Our team was eager to share our digital and social media ideas with Joe, a 30-something year old that knew very little about social media prior to our meeting. Joe also presented us with several goals for Conrad’s Grill. A few of his goals were to increase Conrad’s social media presence and to continue relating to MSU students and East Lansing residents. Joe holds an entertaining personality and hopes that the restaurant’s social media outlets will mirror his fun and upbeat attitude.

Joe was very enthusiastic and excited about the ideas our team presented. Conrad’s already features lunch specials, but our team suggested incorporating more contests and giveaways on the social media sites, because let’s face it, we’re college kids and who doesn’t like cheap or free food? Our team also proposed ideas to modify the existing Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and

Copyright 2012 Conrad's Grill
Copyright 2012 Conrad’s Grill

Urbanspoon accounts. In addition, we started to brainstorm ideas to develop a cohesive brand across all of the existing social media platforms. Looks like we really have our work cut out for us!

The next time you’re hungry, make your way over to Conrad’s Grill. Conrad’s features awesome lunch specials and late night delivery on weekends. Make sure to follow Conrad’s Grill on Facebook and Twitter for some awesome discounts in the near future!

Can you think of any other ways to build the restaurant’s following? Let us know in the comments section below!


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