Testimonial: Getting Involved on Campus

5103568-Sparty_at_Michigan_State_University_East_LansingBy: Makenzie McNeill

My name is Makenzie McNeill and I’m a sophomore at MSU studying advertising with a specialization in public relations. This is my second semester at Michigan State and it’s been a crazy experience to say the least. Having spent my freshman year studying at a small university close to my hometown, I decided that a change of pace at a bustling and prestigious school was the next step for me.  I had a hard time settling in at first until I realized that when coming into such a large school, it’s important to get involved in smaller organizations to get more personalized experiences.

I learned about Hubbell Connections, a student run PR agency, after doing some research about the student organizations offered at MSU. I was accepted by the agency with open arms. This was a personal victory in itself since I had no prior experience working in public relations. After a few short months working on the team for The Studio Performing Arts Center, I gained valuable introductory knowledge and insight into the world of public relations. If I hadn’t put myself out there, I would have missed out on these amazing opportunities that cannot be found in the classroom alone. This was not only a great opportunity to learn, but to make some friends and valuable connections in the school of Communications Arts and Sciences. It’s nice to have courses with the same people that you work with outside of the classroom.

On top of Hubbell Connections, I volunteer at MSU’s student radio station, Impact 89FM, where I’m a part of the street team and the music review team. The Impact is another amazing resource that Michigan State offers. I’ve met a lot of great people who share my love for music and are interested in learning about the industry behind it.  I also started my first internship with Meridian Entertainment Group in January of this year. MEG puts on the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing every summer. The people that I work with there are great and have taught me so much about the entertainment industry in such a short amount of time. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the semester with these incredible organizations.

I haven’t been at Michigan State for very long and I’ve already learned more than I could’ve imagined in my classes and in these programs. Adding extracurricular activities to your schedule is SO important, especially at such a large school where getting up close and personal experience can be hard at times.  The school of Communication Arts and Sciences at MSU is very interconnected and getting involved in one program can lead you in a ton of cool directions.

What are some other ways to get involved on campus? Let us know in the comments section below!


One thought on “Testimonial: Getting Involved on Campus

  1. Amen! It’s thanks to organizations like PRSSA and Hubbell Connections that I have so many wonderful relationships with my peers and endless professional networking possibilities. 🙂 Great testimonial, Makenzie!

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