Meet your new Executive Director, Claire Carroll

By: Claire Carroll,  Executive DirectorClaire C

Why Hubbell Connections is the best way to get involved

Hubbell Connections is so special because it gives students interested in the public relations field the ability to get a taste of working in an agency.  Hubbell offers great experiences to students.  Unlike certain internships, students are not just fetching coffee or making copies, but working with real clients.  Hubbell members submit work that they can use for portfolios and they are able to have unique experiences that are great for resumes.

My favorite thing about Hubbell Connections is the relationship I have with fellow agency members.  I’ve been working with students that are in my classes and I’ve found it is great way to connect with fellow Spartans who are pursuing a career in public relations.  It is just such wonderful way to get involved and meet others who have the same interest and passion for PR.

Becoming Hubbell Connection’s New Director

I am thrilled to be the new director for Hubbell! I have been a member of Hubbell since the fall of 2012.   I’ve worked as an account executive overseeing Speadi’s Campus Challenge, Jeanologie Boutique and Girls’ Day Out client accounts.

I have a wide variety of job experiences from real estate to radio, so I think I bring a different perspective to Hubbell Connections.  The most important aspect that I bring to Hubbell is my strong work-ethic.  When I began at Hubbell I didn’t have any PR-related internships, but I’ve worked very hard to get in the position that I am now.  I plan to continue to work hard so that all Hubbell members can have a great experience just like I have had this past year.

Looking Forward…

My main goal for next year is to strengthen Hubbell’s relationship with College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the faculty.  I want everyone who has interest in the field of public relations to know who we are and what we do.

There are a couple of qualities I hope to find for next year’s leadership team.  Although experience is important, I would like to build a leadership team that has a great sense of loyalty to the agency and a respectable work ethic.  I feel that is what I have contributed so far and it has been such a rewarding experience.  I cannot wait to take the new Hubbell Connections team to the next level.


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