The agency life…with a touch of pink

By: Kelsey Crawford


I’ve only been working as a Piper and Gold Public Relations intern for the last month, and already I’ve worked on more projects and learned more than I did my entire summer at another firm. I have had the joy of working under Kate Snyder, APR and owner of Piper and Gold in Lansing. Alongside her associate Veronica Gracia-Wing, I met amazing people from the Ronald McDonald House Run Committee, state legislators, Wharton Center, and other PR pros in the Lansing area.

My 12 hours at the Center for New Enterprise Opportunity are spent either sitting in on committee and client meetings, working on media lists and research, crisis communication strategy, or planning social media strategies. While these may sound like your pretty basic PR duties, I never get bored. Not only do I work in the most “Pinterest-inspired” office you have ever seen, but Kate and Veronica have gone out of their way to teach me everything they know and anything I want to learn.

I love being able to work on a different project every day. The ladies of Piper and Gold do an amazing job bringing in their own personality and different experiences to client projects. If you enjoy a creative, laid back, yet very “expressive” environment, the agency life is something aspiring PR Stars need to look into!



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