Welcome to (metro) Detroit City!

This week MSU PRSSA was fortunate enough to take a Friday off and go explore some of the major public relations firms in the metro-Detroit area! I was really impressed with the scope of work presented by each firm. Everyone was very friendly and eager to share their tips and tricks for succeeding the in public relations field. We visited Tanner Friedman, Marx Layne and Weber Shandwick.

Tanner Friedman

The first stop on the day trip was a great one! The Tanner Friedman office is located in Farmington Hills, Mich. They had awards all through their office and you could tell this was a class-act group of people. Account executives spoke of their experiences and gave the whole group tips and tricks for success.  The office had an awesome vibe and is decorated in retro-style. Tanner Friedman has a wide variety of clients from entertainment, health care, real estate and automotive. It was a really nice visit and you can just tell that the employees really enjoy their position with the agency.
Tanner Friedman


Just a hop, skip, and jump down M-10, we stumbled upon the office of Marx-Layne. We we’re all very grateful that they provided lunch for us while we listened to co-founder Michael Layne discuss how he got started in the field of public relations. Marx Layne also has a wide variety of clients! We heard stories of successful promotions. One of my favorites included the stunt by Nik Wallenda in downtown Detroit for McDonalds. Read more about this success story right here!

Weber Shandwick

Last but definitely not least, the group headed over to Birmingham to visit some Spartan alum at the Weber Shandwick Detroit offices. They were in the middle of remodeling, so it was a little hectic, but their offices looked really awesome! The idea of working for Weber Shandwick was kind of intimidating at first, but after speaking to their employees you could sense the community between co-workers and the love for their jobs and the public relations field.


It was an awesome experience, and I made some really great connections on this short day trip. I definitely had the chance to bond with more PRSSA members and learn even more about the field of public relations.



*This post was originally published on Claire’s blog! Read more from Claire’s website here.


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