Get “In” Shape with Institution Fitness

By: Rachel Bonello, account associate

What They Do

The Institution is a new fitness center in downtown Lansing that offers a wide variety of group fitness classes, as well as personal training opportunities. Co-owners, Jennifer and Paul, have high hopes for the future of The Institution and Hubbell Connections is happy to help them along the way.
The Institution takes a full body approach to health. Good nutrition combined with fitness techniques from nationally and internationally recognized fitness programs ensure that everything  is research proven. Instructors are certified in the styles that they teach and train and several packages offer personalized meal plans with shopping lists. At The Institution, you can expect to be challenged, to laugh and to be part of a fitness family that is dedicated to your success.

What We Do

Right now, Hubbell Connection’s main focus is to promote their R.I.P.P.E.D. 4 Kids program. The program is geared toward fighting childhood obesity by presenting free fitness assemblies for second and third graders in the Lansing School District. Paul visits different elementary schools in the Lansing School District during the week to train the kids in the importance of staying active. The Institution also offers a free session at the studio from 11 a.m. to noon every Saturday for children ages 6-12. We have strategized a plan to get the media coverage that Jennifer and Paul deserve for their community outreach.
The Hubbell team also plans to help the Institution with their Women’s Expo booth next weekend promoting women’s health and nutrition. We will be passing out flyers, goodies, and answering questions about the center in hopes to bring more interested individuals in for their first free class! Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event.
On top of promotions and events, the team is also planning to take a fitness class together to get a more hands on experience into what Jennifer and Paul have to offer within their gym. With a wide variety of options to choose from (Zumba, Plyio, Insanity, etc.), The Institution team is looking forward to some team bonding and trying a new workout and nutrition tips from the dynamic duo themselves.

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Keep “In” Touch

Have an eye out for all of the great things The Institution has to offer on their website at and be sure to like and follow their social media accounts on facebook and twitter.

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