Not So Everyday Items to Keep at Your Desk


By: Chelsea Dowling

As PR professionals, there are a lot of things we need to get our daily work done. We need our computers, phones, calendars, pens, notepads, a comfy chair, etc. But in addition to these crucial necessities, there are some things that we need to help get the job done a little bit more smoothly.
Here is a short list of items that every PR pro should keep at his or her desk:
Smart phone charger… this is essential. Especially if you have plans after work or need to use your maps to find your way around the city. It isn’t safe to have an uncharged phone. I always found my commute much more enjoyable if I could call my mom or a friend on my way home or be able to Uber a cab if I was feeling extra lazy.
Thank you notes… you never know when you might need to send a quick thank you note. I am a huge fan of thank you notes. If someone helps you out in an important meeting, it is always nice to know that you are able to thank him or her.
Emergency breakfast bars… it is always a good idea to keep a little box of your favorite breakfast bars for those mornings when you press snooze a few too many times or the public transportation you rely on is running late.
Candy… sometimes the after lunch slump sneaks up on me and I need something a little sugary. I always like to keep a secret stash of candy hidden in one of my desk drawers. It is also good to have an office best friend who has his or her own secret snack drawer who can share when you get tired of your own stash.
Pick me up quotes… I am a quote lover. I love to find quotes on Pinterest, from my favorite books and TV/movies. Find a few cute, motivating quotes to hang up on your desk to help you stay motivated throughout the day.

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