Recap from MSU PRSSA: Clare Perreault, Discovery

By: Account Associate, Emily Chapman


More often than not, college students question the path that they’re on. Changing their majors in an attempt to plan their life after graduation, as if it was that easy. As an undergraduate searching for an internship or a job after graduation, it’s very reassuring to hear the advice “your degree doesn’t have to shape your entire future.”

At the MSU PRSSA meeting tonight, Clare Perreault from Discovery Communications (Yes, the Discovery Channel!) spoke to us about advertising sales and public relations. Seems like two totally different fields, but not really. “Communication, marketing and advertising all intersect,” Clare shared. Clare is an MSU graduate with a bachelors degree in Communication and a specialization in PR, and she ended up in the advertising sales field. She shared with us that her original goal was to be an event planner.  Her internship experience was focused in nonprofit, but Clare ended up somewhere that she didn’t expect.

At Discovery Communications, her main responsibility is being a middle-man between advertisers and the networks. She manages many accounts and connects with advertisers about new opportunities with their networks.

The skills that she learned still helped her prepare for her job today. Some ways that PR translated into advertising are in building client relationships, understanding branding, knowledge of media and being detail oriented. Her advice for those of us who are applying for a job or internship that is different than our background:  do research on the company and show them you’re a good fit for the position. Although there are things she misses about PR, like the structure and opportunity for writing and social media, she loves advertising and everybody else in the field loves what they’re doing too.

It is important to remember that there are so many paths you can take once you graduate, and your major doesn’t define who you are.


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