PR Links takes over CAS Connect


By Erin Betman


On February 21, public relations professionals came to Michigan State to network with students.  The PR Links career fair has always brought the best of the Midwest to network with students, but this year it was included in the first ever CAS Connect career fair.

While PR Links is coordinated by PRSSA, the college of communications, arts and sciences (CAS) planned CAS Connect.  The two came together to bring a variety of networking and internship opportunities to all students within the college.  There was also a networking room with esteemed alumni to give one-on-one advice to students.

Companies brought in by PRSSA included agencies like Martin Waymire, Truscott Rossman, Weber Shandwick (Detroit), Edge Partnerships, Tanner Freidman, and Piper & Gold.  The companies seemed to especially like RecPass technology, which lessened the need for paper resumes.

By partnering with CAS Connect, the career fair was able to deliver companies to appeal to all majors within CAS.  This expands opportunities to PRSSA members, while bringing non-PRSSA members to PR Links.

Career fairs are a good place to network and get internships.  Take these tips to help you succeed in the future.

  • Dress professionally.  If you can’t take a career fair seriously, employers aren’t going to think you can take anything seriously.
  • Do your research.  Nothing is a bigger turnoff than telling a company you want to stay in Michigan, when they don’t have an office there.
  • Use time waiting in line to network with other students.  Take the opportunity to expand your network and practice your elevator pitch.
  • Go to companies you don’t care about as much first.  Use them as an opportunity to practice and get over your nerves.
  • Always bring hard copy resumes.  Even if the career fair is using an electronic system live RecPass, bringing paper resumes shows initiative and preparedness.
  • A good handshake is everything.  It’s your first impression before you even say a word.
  • Introduce yourself first.  The recruiters will introduce themselves too.  Remember their names and use them in the conversation.  It makes the conversation sound personal and not rehearsed.
  • Follow up afterwards.  If you think the call is going somewhere, make sure you ask for the recruiters contact information.  Nothing is better than making sure the recruiter remembers your name.

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