Staying Ahead of the Curve: Why Education is a Lifelong Process



By: Greg Rokisky

Work hard, play hard: the motto of many public relations professionals.

Maintaining sanity while juggling nonstop curveballs the world of PR constantly hurdles toward us is just one challenge aspiring professionals face. This is on top of class loads, extracurricular organizations and whatever semblance of social life you manage to squeeze in-between.

But what happens when classes stop? What happens when you don’t have professors pitching mandatory research and writing assignments at you? 

You may be excited to think you are almost free from the confines of school. Most of us are ready to get our noses out of the books and into the real world. That is, after fears of picking up a regular 9-5pm schedule and financial aid payments subside. But what many people don’t realize is that education never ends, especially in the realm of PR.

Public Relations is all about being the frontrunner around the corner of innovation and creativity. The newest social media tactics? Brand journalism? Real-Time marketing? If these things sound Greek to you, then you might want to read this with a finer toothed comb.

You have to constantly be on the forefront of trends of all kinds: ones that work, ones that don’t and anything that falls in the middle. If you’re pushing out social media content for the client and aren’t considering ROI, your days may be numbered.

Just because you aren’t getting physical grades, shouldn’t mean that the learning process ends. If not for yourself, then do it for your clients. Read articles every morning. Sign up for newsletters relevant to your field. Be the one that is always pitching new tactics that your team can look into trying. This will make you invaluable at the company.

Another perk about this stage of education? You aren’t paying to surf the internet, it’s free!

There’s a constant flow of new things to learn, and that’s never going to end. Spend your time wisely, and always be the information master.

Education is a lifelong process, so make sure that you’re the PR pro that no employer wants to let go.



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