2014 Chicago Firm Tours

On April 4, 2014 a group of MSU PRSSA members traveled to Chicago to get a feel for big-city agency life. Here’s a recap of their experience!
1. What are the benefits of participating in firm tours?
  • “Firm tours give members the chance to test drive different company work styles and cultures without the added pressure of figuring this out during a formal interview.” – Jesseca Frost
  • “Firm tours give members the chance to learn more about applying, interviewing and working for a public relations agency. They provide a great opportunity to ask questions and make connections.” – Sarah King
  • “Firm tours give us the chance to network and make connections with current professionals.  We’re able to expand our horizons when applying for jobs and internships.” – Erin Betman
  • “Firm tours are a great networking opportunity! You get to meet people in the field who give great advice and become excellent contacts. You also get a feel for what firms a like and what you like and maybe don’t like about them.” – Laura Krahel
2. What firms did you tour?
  • “We had the opportunity to visit a variety of mid to large size agencies including GolinHarris, Edelman and Walker Sands.” – Jesseca Frost
3. What made the firms unique?
  • “I thought these firms were unique because it gives you a taste of working in a big city versus working in a smaller city like Lansing.” -Amanda Berzins
  • “These firms were located in the city so it was nice to see the face-paced city life. It was also nice to see a very large firm like Edelman and small firm like Walker Sands and the an in between with GolinHarris. It was a great way to compare and contrast and see the pros and cons of each type of firm.” – Laura Krahel
4. What was your favorite part of firm tours?
  • “My favorite part of firm tours was the opportunity to meet young professionals in a real life work setting.” – Sarah King
  • “My favorite part of the firm tours was getting a little taste of three very different types of companies. It was great experiencing and seeing the culture of each company and how things work in the office.” -Amanda Berzins
  • “I love hearing from young professionals and meeting them. I really liked seeing the different types of firms and being able to compare them.” – Laura Krahel
5. Did you have a lot of free time to explore the city?
  • “Yes! We had two nights and three days in the city. So plenty of time to explore and experience downtown, eat brunch, and do a little shopping.” -Helen Song
  • “Yes, we got there early Thursday so spent the day eating and shopping. We spent Friday doing the firm tours and then spent saturday afternoon before we left visiting the Bean. We had time to do fun things and see the city.” – Laura Krahel
6. If you were to go on Chicago firm tours again, what would you do differently?
  • “Pack enough outfits so I don’t have to buy one there” – Sarah King
  • “I would bring my computer so I could add the people we met on LinkedIn sooner.”

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