A few reasons to join Hubbell Connections…


By: Chelsea Dowling

I joined Hubbell Connections the fall semester of my senior year. I soon learned that I joined about three years too late.

Although I applied for (and was denied) a position as an Account Executive as a junior, with almost no public relations experience, I was still determined to be a part of the Hubbell team.

When I applied my senior year, I had a little bit more experience under my belt. I was thrilled to be an Account Associate for the Jeanologie team.

Prior to my spring semester, my good friend, and Hubbell Connections Director, Claire Carroll, asked if I would be interested in a position as Account Executive for The Institution. I gladly accepted and was so excited to get started.

I never expected my involvement with Hubbell Connections to offer so much.

Here are a few reasons why I wish I had joined Hubbell Connections earlier in my college career:

  1. Leadership: Hubbell Connections provides students with the opportunity to be a leader on campus. Public relations is a competitive field, especially once you enter “the real world”. Hubbell sets MSU students apart from other candidates for internships and various positions. You are given chance to contribute to a team and generate results for a client – skills that many employers look for when hiring.
  2. Connections: Hubbell Connections – need I say more?! Hubbell will connect you with students, professionals, professors and clients who know people throughout the industry. It helps to be good at what you do, but the cliché is [somewhat] true – it is about who you know. Networking is a huge part of public relations. Whether you are working on media relations or landing a job, it never hurts to know someone who can help you along the way.
  3. Talking Points: Since joining Hubbell, I have had so many more interesting conversations with professionals and my classmates. Having a position with Hubbell Connections is also a great talking point during an interview. Being part of a student-run PR agency is pretty impressive and many employers are interested in what kind of work we do for our clients. I’m not going to lie – it is pretty awesome to tell an interviewer that we can do just about everything a large agency does for their clients for our own clients.
  4. The People: “I just love the people here,” said every PR professional ever. This is a total cliché. But, it is totally true about Hubbell Connections. I am so glad I joined Hubbell because I have made friends I would have never made if I didn’t join. Working in an agency is difficult. It is much more enjoyable when you enjoy the people you work with and can laugh about all the craziness after.

So… Even though I joined a little bit late, I am glad I had the opportunity to be a part of Hubbell Connections. I wish I could go back in time – not only because these have been the best four years of my life – but to also be a part of such a great organization for a little bit longer. I know I would have grown more as PR professional and been able to contribute more to such a great organization if I had joined earlier. Be sure to make the most out of your Hubbell experience and connect your PR friends with Hubbell!


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