Meeting Recap: 9/23/14 Edelman Chicago

By:  Emily Chapman and Lindsay Bridges

Edelman is one of the world’s largest PR firms and MSU PRSSA had the amazing opportunity to hear from Edelman Chicago’s PR experts Jill Knisley, Lisa Levandowski and recruiter Allison Rudick. Here is a recap of that meeting.IMG_3920

First, Jill Knisley and Lisa Levandowski talked about some of the fascinating case studies that they’ve worked on. They described their approach at Edelman as “transmedia storytelling.” It consists of four parts:  traditional media, hybrid media, social media and owned media. Through each of those four types of media, they create magic for their clients with their incredible PR ideas. One of their recent projects, was promoting weekend travel with Hilton Hhonors. They ran with the idea of spontaneous travel and the theme “carpe diem”. They created a campaign prompting randomly chosen people to go on an all-expense paid trip, but they had to leave right away. Many people didn’t accept the offer, but those that did had spontaneous, memorable trips that received national media coverage. Another interesting case study was for Hebrew National hotdogs, in which a specific hotdog was created for each NFL team right in time for football season. This project also received national media coverage. As a college student tryingto pursue dreams to someday be like one of them, it is so inspiring to see and experience first hand the magnitude of what these PR professionals do at Edelman Chicago.Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.46.38 AM

Besides the case studies, they brought with them a bit of advice for us hopeful PR students. Allison Rudick, the recruiter at Edelman Chicago, talked about what she looks for in a prospective employee. She shared these tips:  get involved, make eye contact, be eager and curious, take notes, speak concisely, do your research, and be your unique self. As future professionals hoping to one day leave our mark on the PR world, these tips are something that everyone can learn from.

Thank you again to Jill, Lisa and Allison for an inspiring and informational view into Edelman Chicago. All of your great incite will definitely aid in our path to becoming the PR professionals of the future.


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