Notes from National Conference 2014

By:  PRSSA National Conference attendees

Q:  Which session was the most influential to you?

“For me, I loved being able to brainstorm with other chapter presidents. It was great to hear from other chapters about the challenges their chapter faces and be able to collaborate with them.” – Alyssa Sturm

Q:  Was DC what you expected it to be?

“DC was great! There was definitely a lot of political stuff, but I was really impressed by how much was there that didn’t relate to the government. Not just at the conference, but the city as a whole was so active. It’s a great place with tons of opportunities for all kinds of disciplines.” – Kary Moyer

Q:  Did you have enough time to explore the city?

“DC never gets old to me! I would’ve loved to spend more time exploring but it was difficult to work around the

timing of the conference. I look forward to visiting again soon to strictly explore the city.” -Brianna Baker

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.58.45 PM

Q:  What was your favorite part of the city?

“My favorite part was walking around and visiting all the monuments at night. This was my first time to DC so I was excited to see the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, and visiting them at nigh made the experience even better!” – Lindsay Bridges

Q:  What advice do you have for first time goers? 

“My advice for first time goers would be to plan thoroughly ahead of time. This includes adequate packing, but also know how to spend your time at the conference learning, networking and enjoying the city you’re in. You can gain so much in your short time there but since the time is a big choppy, I wish I would’ve optimized it more by planning ahead.” – Sarah King

Q:  If you were to go again next year, what would you make sure to bring?

“Up to date business cards.” – Josh Headley


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