Why Samantha Jones’ Portrayal of PR is Both True and False

By:  Hailey Anderson

The topic has been written about countless times in P.R. blogs; infamous Sex and the City character, Samantha Jones, misrepresents P.R. professionals. Although these blogs address many valid points, they fail to recognize the countless ways in which Samantha does represent P.R. in a realistic light.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.26.39 AMThere is something to learn from this character. Samantha represented P.R. women that were tough, diligent, persuasive, intelligent and creative. She was talented in the art of clever wordplay, effortlessly getting her message across in a creative fashion. This is a skill that all P.R. professionals must hone. No reporter wants to read a wordy press release. Think of social media. Samantha would have easily found a way to effectively get her message across using only 140 characters.

Obviously, Hollywood has it’s own false portrayal of P.R. Our daily schedule will probably not consist of rubbing elbows with New York’s elite, meeting celebrities for lunch and planning extravagant parties. With years of dedication and experience, perhaps our careers will occasionally include th
ese perks. However characters like Samantha fail to show the other side of P.R. It may not be the most glamorous, but for many of us it’s the side of P.R. that we love. It’s writing a clever press release, successfully pitching it to the media and achieving coverage for your client/company. It’s resolving conflicts and preventing a crisis. It’s the extensive reading and writing, day in and out, that goes into providing the media with news worthy content. It’s doing your homework, digging down deep and creating a powerful message that will resonate your audience. It’s creatively finding ways to build trust and loyalty between your company and the public. Although Sex and the City never clarified this in the show, I can only assume Samantha Jones had to put in years of diligence and hard work before climbing the ladder to fabulous.


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