Three Things I Learned from the #HCPanel

By:  Julie Muldowney

February is here and for the students of MSU, spring semester is in full-force! For many students the thoughts of warm weather ahead are exciting, but for those of us who are graduating in the spring, the thought of entering the ‘real world’ starts to become more and more of a reality.

This past Tuesday the members of Hubbell Connections gathered for our first general meeting of the semester where we were welcomed by a panel made up of three young professionals. Clare Liening, a Senior Associate at Lambert, Edwards & Associates, Shelby Pritchett, an Account Executive at Finn Partners, and Claire Carroll, an Assistant Account Executive at Weber Shandwick all MSU and Hubbell Connections alumni came and offered their insight on graduating and landing your dream job.

Pic 1

Photo courtesy of Lambert Edwards & Associates

One of the biggest takeaways I got from these three professionals was the importance of getting involved while still in college. Not only does it allow you to gain first-hand experience in the field, but also as Claire said, those experiences become great talking points in a resume.

Pic 2

Another piece of advice they shared was how valuable of a resource your professional network can be! Your fellow students will soon become members of your professional network and can lead to future career opportunities. They also told us how reaching out to previous supervisors and work colleagues is a great way to look for jobs after graduation or even internships.

Pic 3

The most valuable information I gained from this panel was the tips they gave for how to prepare for before, during and after an interview.  They told us to research the company before the interview and pick a few key facts so you can talk about the company. Also, they stressed the importance of being yourself in an interview because companies will be analyzing how well you could potentially mesh with their culture. Another great tip they had was to send hand-written thank you notes in addition to thank you emails to show you are truly interested in the position and company.

Pic 4

This young professional panel with Clare Liening, Claire Carroll and Shelby Pritchett was a great way to start the semester and offered some awesome tips for entering the ever changing, sometimes intimidating world that is PR.


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