By:  Emily Chapman


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.37.36 PM

My journey in Hubbell Connections began when I was a sophomore, as an account associate. The following year, as a junior, I became the director of digital and social media. And now I am honored to say that I will be taking over as the executive director of Hubbell Connections in the 2015-16 school year.

Hubbell Connections has without a doubt helped me grow personally and professionally.   I have made lasting friendships and connections with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. I have grown as a leader. I have had multiple networking opportunities. I have  developed solid, real-world PR work to present to future employers. The more I list things that Hubbell Connections has done for me, the more surprised I am become more and more surprised why people aren’t involved.

My ultimate goal for the next phase of my journey is similar to the goal of past directors. I want us, as a team, to provide quality public relations work for our clients and our own portfolios as students. Throughout my experience with Hubbell Connections, we have been becoming more of a freelance firm. My plan is to continue with that gradual change and become more freelance. We will be able to provide our clients with work when they need it, as well as pitching clients our own ideas as we develop them.

We will also be working on applying for student-run PR firm awards within PRSSA National. Our organization has done great work in the past and will continue to do great work in the future, and it would be awesome to be nationally recognized for that hard work!

Having worked with Hubbell Connections for a majority of my college career, I am very passionate about the firm and am enthusiastic about building a great team of #PRstars next fall. I encourage you to get involved and begin your own journey within Hubbell Connections.


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