My PR (and everyday) role model

Sophomore Joanna Miller and her brother,Spartan Alumnus Bob Miller
Sophomore Joanna Miller and her brother,Spartan Alumnus Bob Miller

By: Joanna Miller

Whenever I tell other students about my involvement with Hubbell Connections and PRSSA, they’re always surprised when I tell them I’m a sophomore. I have one person to thank for getting me as involved as I am and that’s my brother, Bob Miller. Bob graduated last May from MSU. He was a member of the e-board for PRSSA and that’s how my journey started. He convinced me to go to the first meeting and right away I saw how many opportunities would be available to me through this organization.

Every other Tuesday it became a sibling bonding experience. Bob would pick me up from my dorm, we’d get some dinner (well he usually took my combo but hey same thing), and then we would head to the meeting. Because Bob was on the e-board, we’d always get to meetings a little earlier and have to stay a little later, which gave me the opportunity to get introduced to the other members on the e-board. Getting to know Erica, gave me the knowledge I needed about Hubbell Connections. I was then able to have the opportunity to be an intern on the media relation’s team and now I am an account coordinator.

Along with giving me a jump-start in student organizations, Bob also introduced me to Julie Hagopian, an academic and career advisor in the College of Communications Arts and Sciences. He introduced us at the CAS Connect/PR Links career fair back in February. When I met her, she said Bob had mentioned me to her before and said they had a job opening in the Com building as a Peer Advisor that I should definitely apply for. About a month later, Julie emailed me the link to apply for the position. I now work in Room 181 and love what I do everyday.

May 2015 was very bittersweet because I knew Bob would be graduating from MSU and moving onto bigger and better things. I miss him more and more everyday especially on PRSSA nights because it gave us a great time to catch up even with our busy schedules. Bob now works at Lambert, Edwards & Associations, a PR firm in Detroit. I’m so thankful for my brother, I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love and support he’s shown me and the lessons he taught me, even if he didn’t know he was teaching me them sometimes.

Go Green!


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