5 Things I Wish I Would Have Told My Freshman Self

By: Madison Miller

When I graduated high school I had somewhat of a plan. I would attend Lansing Community College to get the basics out of the way and then transfer to MSU to complete my undergrad.  Now that graduation is only weeks away I have come to realize a few things I wish I would have done differently. So, I have compiled a short list of tips to getting the most out of your college experience (obviously these are my own opinions based on my own experiences).

Go to a university right after high school
Yes, I saved myself a lot of money by completing my first year at LCC. But, I regret not living in the dorm my freshmen year. You meet so many new people who are also starting a new chapter in their life. You’re going to have college loan debt after graduation anyway, so why not live it up and make as many memories at a 4-year university as possible.

Don’t go home – except on holidays of course
I only live 40 minutes from campus and worked full-time in downtown Lansing during my college career, so when I lived in the dorm my sophomore year I was always tempted to go home. I now fully regret that decision. I went home because it was convenient and it’s what I was used to. I wish I would have stayed at my dorm every weekend and experienced college with my floor-mates; I would have made so many more memories outside of my hometown.

Join clubs as early as you can
Clubs like PRSSA give you so many opportunities to network with professionals and professors as well as make friends with people that have chosen the same career path as you. This is the best chance to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry from people in the positions you hope to possess.  My time with PRSSA, MSUAA and Hubbell Connections has been amazing and it has given me knowledge I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Garner internship experience
Internships are the way you figure out what you want to do after graduation, or at least give you a good idea. They help to show you the types of places you want to work, such as an agency, corporate or even non-profit. Yes, you can work to make money through college, but sometimes the job that pays doesn’t give you the experience you need. Plus, you never know whom you will meet and how they may help you down the road.

Take it slow
I know everyone says this but it’s true, COLLEGE WILL FLY BY!  I feel like my freshman year of college was just a month ago. Now looking back I see how little time you actually have. So, enjoy stressing out for that one exam and rushing to your 8 a.m. because before you know it, you will be graduating and jumping into the real world. For now, I’m enjoying my last few weeks as an undergrad at MSU and I’m excited for the new opportunities ahead.

Go Green!


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