10 things all PR students can relate to

By: Ally Caldwell

1. People have told you that public relations is easyIt is NOT! While it is not rocket science, PR practitioners juggle many projects at once and often have to have a working knowledge of many different industries. It is an incredibly fast-paced profession, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

What, like it's hard

2. The importance of writing has been stressed again and again: The number one piece of advice given to PR students is how important it is to be a good writer. So make sure your portfolio is well-rounded and practice – and practice again!

Daffy Writing.gif

3. You love analyzing companies in crisis: Because you know your professor will spend a good portion of class discussing the implications of the crisis.

save as.gif

4. You often feel like you have to know it all: PR students often feel like they have to know it all – writing, event planning, advertising, marketing, journalism, website development, design, etc. There is nothing wrong with being well-rounded, it just means you will be a very strong asset to an organization someday. It may seem overwhelming at times, but you got this!

thumbs up.gif

5. You think the oxford comma is evil: All public relations students live and die by AP Style. You learn it during your underclassman years and by your senior year you find yourself deleting oxford commas in your sleep.


6. You have had to explain what PR is more times than you can count: Explaining to your friends and family exactly what PR is can be quite difficult, especially if they haven’t 100% grasped the concept of the internet yet.  


7. People think all you do is social media: Non-PR students often associate PR with social media. So naturally, a lot of people think your job is solely social media.

raised eyebrows.gif

8. You have met a LOT of people: Throughout your internships, you probably weren’t working with solely PR and communications professionals. You might have been working with engineers, business people, bankers, politicians, medical professionals and more. 


9. It seems like everyone else on campus has their internships/full-time jobs lined up: You have probably come across many students on campus who already know where they will be working after graduation. If they were to ask you the same question, your response might be: ‘I am still waiting for applications to be posted.’ 


10. You’ve been told to join PRSSA! As soon as you started taking public relations courses, you probably heard about this student organization. Then you heard about it again and again and again. But it really makes the difference in your educational experience and it opens up so many doors for students. From networking opportunities, internship connections and conferences – PRSSA has it all!

it has everything.gif


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