What Domino’s Community Relations Specialist Advises You to Know


By Ally Hamzey

Jeannette Sharp, a Michigan State University grad, fought her way to the position she envisioned herself in—Community Relations Specialist at Domino’s—and she wants you to know how to do the same.

In her years as an MSU student, Sharp channeled her work ethic and passions through unpaid internships, and worked tirelessly to ensure she had a job set up before her graduation. To her dismay, this was not the case. Many jobs in the industry she aspired to emerge in had only “immediate hire” positions available, thus making her conquest to have a set-up job position difficult.

Fear not, Sharp didn’t let this stand in her way. After intense research and contemplation, she found a company she knew would be a great fit for her: Domino’s, where she now is employed. So what steps did she take that ensure a spot for herself in her dream company?

Here are some words of wisdom given from Sharp at the MSU PRSSA meeting this Tuesday.

  1. “Realize where you are, and how to take advantage of it.”

Sharp suggested making the absolute most out of all opportunities provided by MSU. Easier said than done, right? Maybe not. She made connections at Domino’s by approaching a Domino’s representative at a career fair seeking job applicants for a position at Domino’s that Sharp wasn’t even interested in. She wasn’t seeking that particular job, yet made herself known to an employee at the company, nonetheless.

  1. “Don’t stress about grades!”

It’s not the 4.0s that matter to hirers, it’s what you have to show for yourself. What organizations were you in? What internships did you have?

Those are the kinds of questions that employers are concerned with, according to Sharp, as she has “never” been asked for her GPA at a job interview.

  1. Yes, have clean social profiles—but still showcase your personality into your profiles.

Were you expecting a point about removing all boozy pictures and profanities from your profile? Okay, so yes, this is part of the advice given by the Community Relations Specialist. However, Sharp has a unique twist on this commonly given advice—to still fuse your personality into your profiles, as long as it is professional.

Feeling too restricted or simple by keeping your social profiles strictly business-like? It doesn’t have to be that way! Give employers an idea of your special interests, and the facets of your personality that LinkedIn won’t show.

  1. Become friends with peers in your school organizations!

Making connections with those who have similar interests and career paths would clearly provide the excellent benefit of making great new friends, but future benefits as well. Sharp says   those meaningful relationships can build bridges to different opportunities and advantages.

For example, landing that job you desperately want by using your accomplished college friend as a job reference.

  1. “Find an MSU alumni that works where you want to as a way in.”

Alumni are eager to help students or graduates from their alma mater in any way they can. More specifically, Spartans help Spartans. Once you find a company or place you know is your dream job, seek out an alumni from your university that works there, and how to contact them.

If your passion shines through, alumni will want to assist you in landing the career of your dreams.


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