Why Getting Involved Early Is Vital


By Sara Carter

As a freshman, I was so focused on my grades, as any student should be. I spent some of my days studying, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I still spent the majority of my time netflixing, eating, and netflixing some more.

During my freshman year, I didn’t get involved in a single club or organization. It didn’t become evident to me until I started applying for jobs and internships. Every application would include an “extracurricular activities” section. They say when you come to college that high school quickly becomes a thing of the past. It is true, people. We can no longer write on our internship applications for the top law firm in our area that we were the captains of the softball team or in the chorus of our school play.

College is a big transition. It is important to dive right in. My main excuse was that I wanted to get acclimated to campus and living on my own before joining an organization. Joke was on me! The easiest and most natural way to get acclimated is to join a community of people who share your passions, interests, and drive. Joining a club on campus can immediately give you a solid foundation and people to fall back on when everything is changing. The greatest thing now is that I can finally write on my resume that I am a member of PRSSA, on the Social and Digital Media team for Hubbell Connections, a proud member of a sorority on campus, and more.

Extracurricular activities have given me a purpose on campus. They made Michigan State smaller for me and introduced me to my best friends. Most importantly, I have real life professional experience. My best advice to anyone entering college is to be a yes man. Don’t turn down opportunities that arise to you. Dive into your college experience full fledge from the get go and create those bonds with people alike and different from you. Think about your future early and build your resume. Getting involved will change your college career and future for the better.


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