A Message for the Messenger


DowBy Madison Job

Recently, I interviewed with The Dow Chemical Company which sparked my interest in the dynamic, yet strategic world of communication. During my time in the interview, I learned many great points on the importance of strategic communication within companies.

As a public, Fortune 500 Company, Dow has a lot of ground to cover in order to effectively provide purposeful community outreach— and they have done just that. Throughout my interview the flow of information was a steady stream that amounted to a more in-depth understanding of how information is circulated in large companies.

Here’s a message for the messenger: there’s a difference between what you, as the communicator want and what your audience wants to be communicated to them. The medium the content is delivered by remains the key factor for preventing an information over-kill.

Pumping out those weekly newsletters via email internally to co-workers may potentially lose the interest of your respective audience. Hypothetically, workers would love to know what’s new in other departments for their own knowledge and the company’s well-being. However, when your inbox of email begins to overflow you may re-think taking the time to read the content. That information they thought they wanted, has now been set aside for a rainy day.

While the value of an email is not to be undermined, the standard, more formal tone could discourage viewers from exploring further, thus, your content is not read.

Being cognizant of the information that is desired by either potential clients, the public or workers internally will assist in more effective outreach both interpersonally and intrapersonally. Opening up the doors for two-way communication improves the flow and availability of information all around.

The desired information is expected to be available at the audience’s convenience whether it be provided on a website or written elsewhere. This method ensures satisfaction while avoiding a crowded inbox and lost time.


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