Summer 2017

Dear summer 2017,IMG_6204

You came and went as quickly as the leaves began to change around me. You came in full-swing with the exciting start of a new internship AND the welcoming of a brand new puppy. Like any other summer came a fresh start and a buzz of excitement that was contagious to all. How did I spend mine? A little bit of everything.

My name is Madison and I am the Director of Media Relations for PRSSA. This summer, I continued to transition from an underclassman who had a brief idea of what I wanted to do and just began to dabble in opportunities relating to PR. I started to notice a smirk on my face and a slight burst of excitement in my stomach when I started thinking about all of the possibilities to come. After a long day I often would sit and soak in the lessons and undeniable enthusiasm that radiated while watching Parks and Recreation— dreaming up how Leslie Knope really knew how to work hard and stay humble (and how I could do the same).

Throughout the summer I was the Communications and Public Relations Intern at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) in Lansing. This motivated me to enjoy and appreciate where I was working and the unique state that I live in— one that I can proudly call home. I was thrown in to the jabber of economic development and quickly learned to speak their language. From promoting Michigan as a business-friendly climate to navigating my way through the thick layers of tax incentives—I hit the ground running. I feel more confident in my ability to work in teams and have truly grown to appreciate what a solid team foundation can accomplish. I witnessed the work of some of the most hardworking men and women to achieve a common goal from start to finish. I hope to carry these lessons on with me to both Hubbell and PRSSA.

Even though summer has ended and the rush of school has begun, I look forward to learning and working with everyone! I never thought I’d be sitting here writing this blog for a group of young professionals that showed me what makes this industry so great. Cheers to a great year.

By Madison Job


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