My Adult-ish Summer


Navigating the limbo between preparing for my future and enjoying my youth while it lasts.

I don’t know about all of you, but I tend to spend my summers clinging to freedom as long as I can. I also try to prepare to become a (slightly) functional member of adult society. There are so many expectations beyond simply earning a college degree these days that having a care-free summer vacation has become difficult. Being stuck in that limbo is no small task, but it went better than I expected this summer.

The Adult Side of Things

I prepared for my future career with an internship, as most do; but advertising and PR cast a broad net of potential opportunities. There is no single internship that will help you experience the whole field. So, this summer I chose to explore a different side of PR.

I gained valuable experience on the events side of public relations, as an event design associate for Every Little Detail Event Planning, Design and Floral. Every Little Detail has a focus on weddings. I worked with a close knit team, assembling countless brides and grooms’ dream days. I dealt with vendors on deliveries and setting up the events, which included everything from floral to linens and lights. I was swept up in the hustle and bustle of the events world, and I loved every minute of it. The finished product of a beautiful wedding always made the hectic chaos worth it.

If you have not taken an events internship yet, I would strongly suggest doing so before you graduate. It was a great way to help me practice thinking on my feet, finding creative solutions, and learning to go with the flow.

The “ish” Part of Adult-ish

I embraced my moments of freedom this summer through travel. Whether it was frequent jaunts to the lake or the two-week trip I took to the desert Southwest, I found travel to be an excellent escape from responsibility.

My favorite excursion that I took this summer was to the desert Southwest of America. I visited six National Parks throughout Nevada, Utah and Arizona. While I was there, I hiked over 60 miles and saw so many beautiful sights. Those ten days were an experience that I will hold with me for years to come. This trip reminded me that there is so much outside of the world we know, just waiting for us to discover it.

 No matter how you choose to spend your summers, it’s important to remember that you have your whole life to work, but you will never have free time like this again. Having an internship is a wonderful and important experience, but don’t forget to have fun along the way. Be adult-ish, before you have to be an adult.

By Marlee Talbot


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