Find Yourself and Find Your Calling

nIt was the end of my first year at MSU and fourth year in college. I know it sound confusings but for me this was great! Let me explain. I transferred from Western Michigan University to pursue a degree in Advertising Management and build my connections and network with the Spartan alumni family. 
Heading into my first summer in East Lansing, I was so excited. I took up classes and even worked for a little while. I was able to explore the city of East Lansing and Lansing. Friends came to visit and I was able to utilize the resources of campus without the usual 50,000 students bustling around.
Although campus was quieter I learned that for me, I enjoyed being able to spend time doing homework outside and even take up some more lessons in PR during my free time. I read up on news journals such as Adweek, WIRED, and even learned about Canva.
Let me do you a big favor and tell you about Canva. It is one of the most fun and useful sites to create easy but professional graphic designs. I even used it to create business cards that would usually cost me a lot more if I ordered them. I was also able to utilize PRSSA for my future internship during the Fall of 2017.
I think one of the most rewarding experiences for me in college is connecting with professionals in the PR field. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of PRSSA’s meetings, where Kelly Rossman-McKinney of Truscott Rossman spoke to our group of eager and future PR professionals.
She was full of life, humor, and most importantly life and PR advice that would one day make or break us. She dared us to dream big and go after what we want instead of waiting around for something. When Kelly was talking about meeting and even beating all deadlines as PR professionals she said one thing to remember, “if you miss the little ones, what’s to say you won’t miss the big ones?”
So find yourself, take the time you need to take those courses, have a good time with friends and family – but when you find yourself, that is when you will find your calling. Who knows, the energy you put into your work will attract those to come to you and even get you an internship! I am happy to say I am now working as an intern with the Truscott Rossman team in Lansing and I am loving it. 
By: Jonathan Israilov 

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