Be A Yes Person



Any seasoned professional, alumni or colleague will tell you gaining experience is valuable for your future. Whether that be through extra curriculars, challenging courses, internships or jobs, putting yourself out there is necessary to grow as a person; however, putting yourself out there is half the battle. Saying yes to these opportunities is another key aspect to that battle. Becoming a yes person or saying yes to new experiences drastically changed my outlook and path for the future.

Let Me Explain

Last spring, I had to complete a research paper on a small business for a communication course. I interviewed a small business to learn how the business communicated, any complications they experienced and overall how they operated day-to-day. I decided to interview a graphic design company located right in East Lansing, called Outer Graphics. It was convenient, interesting and graphic design was a cool business to dive deeper into. I completed the interview with the owner and primary graphic designer, Carrie Schaffer, thanked her for her time and left to go back to my dorm. Not ten minutes later my phone began vibrating. It was the owner I just interviewed. Thinking I forgot something in her office I answered immediately. To my surprise, I did not leave anything in her office. She was offering me a job. I had no experience in graphic design, no pertaining skill set and no knowledge of the industry that she knew of. How after only a 30-minute meeting, did this woman want me to work for her? Despite this internal thought, there was this gut feeling that said, “Bonnie, say yes”. I said yes on a whim and started working a week later. To this day, I am happily still working at Outer Graphics.

Agreeing to work in an industry in which I had no prior knowledge in opened my eyes to possibilities I did not even realize were out there. By working at a graphic design company, I now have skills I never thought I would. I can take these newly acquired talents and utilize them in any future endeavor I may partake in. Simply based off the characteristics I already possessed, my now boss offered me a chance to enhance those characteristics, expand my career experiences, gain new skills and form networking relationships that will last a lifetime.

The world is connected in ways we cannot see. Saying yes to one thing can set you up for a successful opportunity in the future. If I never took that specific communication course, I would never have done that research interview and I would never have obtain such a rewarding job offer and now position at Outer Graphics as a production assistant. By saying yes to an experience that I was unfamiliar with benefited me in numerous ways, ones that I could not have imagined. I cannot stress the importance of expanding your experiences while you are young. This is our time to figure out what we are good at, our passions and to determine the right path we will take in life after graduation. The only way to truly determine these items is to do as much as you can now. Take advantage of this time now to say yes to every chance and opportunity to grow as you possibly can. Test your limits, push your boundaries and move outside of your comfort zone. Say yes to taking that challenging course, say yes to joining that intimidating club, say yes to applying for that job you may not be totally qualified for, say yes to saying yes. You will never truly know what you are capable of if you never try. Become a yes person, you may be pleasantly surprised on the outcome you will achieve.

By: Bonnie Kapushinski


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