PR From The Outside

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I am the Vice President of Professional Development for MSU PRSSA, the Assistant Director for Hubbell Connections and I attended the 2017 PRSSA National Conference. But, I am not a PR student. Yes, you heard me right. My major, minor, or specialization, have nothing to do with Public Relations.

I joined PRSSA two years ago, with the intent of making Public Relations my minor. That was until I heard about the Sales Leadership minor and decided to go that route instead. I simply found myself to be a better fit for a future in Sales. However, I have learned so much more than PR tactics through my involvement in PRSSA and I know they will help me in my future career.

I am going to highlight a few skills I have developed through PRSSA that will help someone entering virtually any field of work, especially Sales.

  1. Communication – Who has better communication skills than PR practitioners? Arguably, no one. I am positive that my exposure to various communication methods and tactics will help me with my method of Sales Communication and pitches.
  2. Versatility – PR professionals are stronger and more successful when they handle a variety of industries using different skills. Through PRSSA, I have worked with social media, communication plans, press releases, conferences, new stories, PR firms, professional events, etc.
  3. Networking – This one is self-explanatory, or at least it should be. Networking and forming relationships is vital to successful careers in both Sales and Public Relations.
  4. Teamwork – Through Hubbell Connections and PRSSA I have worked on teams to achieve success and meet clients’ needs. I have been a leader of a team and an active team member. Teamwork is essential to most careers, and is developed and enhanced through practice.
  5. Involvement – Recruiters and future employers are looking for involved students, even if their involvement is not directly related to the job or company. You can always showcase the skills you have gained through this involvement, such as the ones listed above.

I may enter the work force in seven short months and realize that Sales is just not for me. If that does happen, I know that through my involvement in PRSSA I have the skills and relationships to transition to that field. So thank you, PRSSA and all that it entailed, I owe ya one!

By: Josie Foguth


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