My Summer in London: The Adventure


I remember standing at Heathrow Terminal 5, staring at the underground tube map trying to make sense of it. I had to take the Piccadilly line and later switch to the Victoria line. As I began my journey into London, I asked myself three questions; What am I doing here? Will I survive? Why is the old lady in the red dress staring at me?

My work experience: Let Me Play

Summer 2017, I worked in London as a marketing intern. The directors at LMP showed trust in me and my work from day one.

A positive company culture is necessary for good work to happen. I worked on databases, generated content for social media, conducted market research and operations. Every day was a new learning experience. My colleagues showed patience when I fell behind and were always ready to help me. My work was well appreciated.

An important lesson I learned while working is patience. Often I would estimate incorrectly about the time it takes to complete a task. Through trial and error I became more efficient and less anxious about work.

It was great getting to know the Directors over the camp; Hearing about their college experiences, how they came about starting a company, the risks they took made me excited and high spirited about the challenges I am yet to face.

To summarize, LMP fosters growth, learning and friendship.

Living in London: The city to get lost in

London is a city for everyone. The city has gardens tucked into every corner. Each little place has its own stories engraved into it.

London is historically rich. This history can be explored at the museums. My favorite is the British Museum. Walking through different galleries helped me better understand and appreciate the cultural influences I see in my life.

I explored most of this city on foot. I remember walking from the South Bank center to the Tower Bridge being amazed by the how alive this city is.

I can go on and on about the Royal National Theater or the art at Tate Modern or the bars at Camden.

Bonus: Look out for the Seven Noses of Soho if you happen to visit London. One of the most bewildering thing you would see.

It’s a great city to get lost in.

And finally, why is the old lady in the red dress staring at me?

Working in a big city came full of challenges. Unlike at MSU where my classes are a five-minute walk away, my commute was an hour long. Having to cook food and live off a strict budget were new concepts to me.

Though they sound like common practices in adulthood, this was the first time I didn’t have an external support system. The time difference meant my friends and family were either asleep or just waking up.

It was a great experience. I believe traveling and living alone showed me my strengths and weaknesses. It evolved and refined my understanding of different cultures, economical influences and thinking processes of people.

The old lady in the red dress looked at me with intrigue. She approached me and asked my name. We had a conversation for about 10 mins before she finally reached her station. Right before we stopped she asked me,” Was there any truth in our conversation?” A smile ran across my face and she understood that our conversation was truly fictional.

I’m still unsure about exactly why she was staring at me. Maybe she thought I was very anxious. Or maybe she wasn’t really staring at me. That’s how my journey into London began; with a little ambiguity, anxiousness, and lots of adventure.

By: Yash Gangal


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