5 Things to do This Holiday Season

There are so many fun things to do during the Christmas season. I wanted to talk about some of my personal favorites and possibly inspire you to do some of them as well!

  1. Weekend or Day Trip to Chicago

This is one of my favorites! Every year I go to Chicago with my family a week or two before Christmas. It is magical being in a big city around Christmas time. The beautiful Christmas lights and trees all around are enough to make me giddy just thinking about it. This is also a perfect opportunity for Christmas shopping. There are so many great deals going on around Christmas time, and for me, I love shopping in the store so I know exactly what I am getting.


2. Decorate a Ginger Bread House

This is a must during Christmas time. Everyone remembers doing this as a child but I think it is just as fun in my 20’s! You are never too old to do these fun traditions. I love having Christmas music playing in the background (Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra), being by a cozy fire and crafting the perfect gingerbread house. (it’s okay to eat some of the candy while you make it too!)


3. Watch a Good Christmas Movie

There are so many great Christmas movies. If you need some suggestions, I have some favorites to share with you. I love Home Alone, Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (if you’re looking for a funny one), A Christmas Story, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. These are just a few of my absolute favorites. I watch each of these every holiday season and they never get old. So grab a cozy blanket and some yummy Christmas cookies and put one of these in; I promise you will not be disappointed.


4. Ice Skating

 Even if you are not a great ice skater, grab some ice skates and go out and give it your all! Whether it’s at an indoor or outdoor, there are so many great options for location. There is a rink in Chicago that has a beautiful view of the pretty buildings, and I heard there are many in Detroit that people really enjoy. I personally go to a local indoor rink and that is fun too. I am by no means a pro ice skater but I find it so much fun! It’s okay to fall a few times, we all do it. Don’t be discouraged, just get back up and laugh it off. If you are not comfortable skating and trying to balance yourself, many places offer buckets to lean on (for free) to make it a bit easier!


5. Decorate

This is one of my favorites! When you decorate your home/apartment/dorm, that is when it really starts to feel like Christmas. Putting lights and ornaments on the tree, hanging your stockings, putting up your Christmas wreath; all are fun ways to decorate your space and make it feel festive.


By: Jamie Dimoff


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