Writing Your Own Narrative

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Many use their time in college as some type of academic security blanket, a time when the real world doesn’t affect them until they have their degree. That may be the case in some situations, however, I believe attending Michigan State University is a unique experience because of capability to give students to step outside of that narrative and provide a view into post-grad life, however, it is up to the individual to utilize their resources. Some people choose to make the most of their time here, some, unfortunately, get chewed up and spit back out.

My stint at MSU began as a sophomore transfer student who was living away from home for the first time, still attempting to figure out what I wanted to do in this world. Communications and Public Relations was the path I chose to follow, not because of the reputation of the curriculum, but it is a profession I believed I may be of some value in. I recall that I envisioned I could be some type of PR version of Don Draper and that may have been enough of a reason at the time. A few years later and it seems as though my version of Don Draper has lead me down the correct path.

As a first generation college student and an only-child, I went through the college experience without any prior guidance or expectations of college. I had to learn through my own experiences and watching my friends go through some of the same struggles, but I eventually figured it out… I think. It took me a semester or so, but I eventually utilized the resources available to me through the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the university.

Joining organizations such as PRSSA, Hubbell Connections, Fleece & Thank You and club Roller Hockey have presented me with opportunities to grow as a student, professional and a person. Prior to MSU, I would be very reluctant to join clubs or organizations, but I chose to make the most of my time in East Lansing, not to get spit back out. These organizations, mainly PRSSA and Hubbell Connections, have led me to my current internship and most influential experience, working as a media communications intern with MSU Communication and Brand Strategy, or CABS. Interning with CABS has been the single most beneficial decision I have made in my time at MSU, the professional experience is invaluable and the connections will most surely be life-long. Support and guidance from PRSSA and Hubbell Connections, my peers and the help of a few mentors, propelled me to have the confidence and willingness to seek more and more opportunities and to keep growing moving forward.

Over this time, my resume has slowly evolved from pizza shop experience and Microsoft Word certification, to a resume with too much relevant experience to keep under one page. I am not attempting to brag, because I know my resume and AP style (amongst many other things) need some work, I believe it is important to show growth and success can be achieved, regardless of your starting point.

By: Caleb Hoover


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