Surviving Finals Week


Ahhh it’s that time of the semester again…finals week. You’re half packed for winter break, saying goodbye to your roommates and neighbors and campus is looking emptier everyday. Everyone around you is stressed, tired and ready to go home, but you have to stay at it and push through.

It might be just me, but Netflix seems to be 100x more entertaining during finals week. Giving myself a one episode breaks turns into an entire day passed by without getting any studying done especially when I have a day or two gap between my exams.

This is my second to last week of finals and I’d like to think I’ve learned something about studying for the throughout my time at Michigan State. Here’s some tips I’ve found helpful while conquering finals week before winter break!

Study guides: Do them! A lot of professors will upload a study guide about a week or so before the exam filled with material to help prepare you for the final. For me, filling out the study guide really helps me remember all the information we went through in the beginning of the semester and also gives me something to review all week leading up to the exam.

Comfy clothes: Really, what’s better than comfy sweats, a big sweatshirt and fuzzy socks? Nothing! If you’re going to spend your whole day studying why not be comfy while doing it. Throw your hair, find your favorite sweats and get through a long day of studying.

Redo old tests/quizzes: After completing your study guide, redo old tests or quizzes to see how what you know and what you still need a little more focus on. It’s likely that questions on previous tests will appear again on the final, so studying those will give you a leg up during the final.

Take breaks: Now I’m not saying binge watch a whole Netflix series, but it is okay to take breaks every now and then everyone needs them. Reply to a text, stretch your legs, grab a snack, and make some hot chocolate or just relax for a bit. You’ll go crazy if you stay in your same spot all day and never take a break. Breaks are needed for successful studying especially when you have so much to prepare for.

Enjoy winter break: When you’re done with your last final, celebrate! You made it through the week and get three weeks off from school to catch up with friends and family, relax and enjoy the holiday season. Keep that in mind when you think you might crack because you won’t. 🙂

By: Joanna Miller


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