Why You Should Join Hubbell Connections


Are you still on the edge about joining MSU’s student-run PR firm, Hubbell Connections? This blog is meant to welcome everyone back, and hopefully recruit even more members to our team as well as answer questions everyone may have!

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. There you will find updates about events, clients, and build a connection with the firm. Let’s get started!

Who are we?

Like we said above, we are Michigan State University’s Student-Run PR firm. We take on local clients around Lansing to help them with their PR campaigns. Hubbell is divided into three teams; social & digital media, strategy and media relations. Between our three teams, we work together to successfully meet all of our client’s goals.

When and where do we meet?

We usually have two or three general Hubbell meetings throughout the semester. However, once you’re about of one of the three teams mentioned above you will meet with your team biweekly. The day and time will be worked out between your team members and director depending on everyone’s schedule and what works best. Don’t worry it’s not all about meetings! We also have professional developments and “Hubbell Hangouts” each semester to give everyone a chance to get to know the other members in Hubbell outside of their team.

Why should I say yes?

 Being apart of Hubbell Connections is a great resume builder and gives you the chance to gain some hands on real-world experience. You’ll get a little taste of the day-to-day life of a PR professional, which could lead to your dream internship or job after college. You’ll learn how to maintain that relationship with your client and the firm, work on campaigns to reach the client’s goal and learn all there is to love about being a PR professional.

For more informational about Hubbell and how to get involved, visit: https://hubbellconnections.com/join/

By: Joanna Miller


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