Social Media… The Most Powerful Drug?


It’s 2018. If you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other many social media sites, I’m not sure where you have been the last 10 or so years. Almost a third of adults in the United States are on Facebook.

Social media is a large part of our society today. Many companies are using it as a large part of their marketing strategies, old friends are reconnecting, relationships are beginning on the many dating sites, people are making a living just from posting on social media – the list goes on about how social media is benefitting people today. The question is: is it taking over our lives?

It is hard to tell if people are living their lives for themselves, or just for the “likes”. It seems like almost everyone is living special moments through their phone screens; snapchatting it, posting about it, or tweeting. Think about it – years ago, going to a concert people would take a few pictures, but now it seems almost everyone is worried about getting a good angle of the stage, and not really living in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing how everyone is able to post a moment in an instant, but is it getting too extreme? The need to let everyone know what you’re doing, what you’re listening to, where you’re going?

On average across all age groups, Americans check their phone 46 times a day. There is a constant need to be connected to each other over the Internet, but no desire to be connected in person. It may sound dramatic to say social media is taking over our lives, but the more I look around the more I see people being consumed with their newsfeeds, and amount of likes their most recent picture got.

Social media can be an amazing tool…in moderation – like most things.

By: Aubrey Perry


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