5 Best Campgrounds in Michigan

Michigan provides its residents and visitors with picture perfect scenery. Most of those pictures can be taken at the breathtaking state and national parks.

  1. Ludington State Park ludington

This park provides a little bit of everything for its visitors. Whether it’s the beach, fishing or biking that brings you to this park, it will be sure to fulfill your needs. With a paved walking and biking trail easily accessible at any point in the park, you are never more than a few steps or peddles from the never-ending activities.

  1. Wilderness State Park wilderness

Through the winding road, Wilderness State Park sits right on Lake Michigan at the top of the lower peninsula. 20 minutes from the Mackinaw Bridge and even closer to Dark Sky, a skygazing facility, Wilderness provides unique attractions for its visitors.

  1. Petoskey State Park petoskey

Every campsite has a view of Lake Michigan. You’re just a short bike ride away from the city and marina in downtown Petoskey. This is the perfect park for all ages. Take a walk to get a coffee or walk down to the beach for your daily dose of Vitamin D.

  1. Platte River National Park platte

Platte River is a quiet, clean campground. Located near the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, there is a new trail or beach to discover at every corner. This national park provides tubing, kayaking or taking a float down the 30-mile Platte River.


  1. Tahquamenon State Park tahquamenon

My personal favorite and best campground in Michigan is Tahquamenon State Park. This park is located in the Upper Peninsula near Paradise city. The park revolves around three major waterfalls. Tahquamenon Falls is the largest waterfall in the state of Michigan. Visitors can walk and hike the trails located along the falls as well as dipping their feet into the calm river located downstream.


By: Rachel Hindley


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