3 Ideas for Future Spring Breaks Spent at Home

Ah yes, spring break came and went. But for whatever reason, travel may not have been an option for spring break. While staying home can be disappointing, I have a few ideas that will help you stay busy in the future.

Make a Change for the Rest of the Semester (or longer)

Maybe your grades could be a little better after next year’s midterms and work schedule. Or perhaps you will shy away (or entirely away) from your fitness goals for a new year. Better yet, you may find yourself tired of making yourself the same meals every few days and itching for something new. Whatever situation you’ll be in, think about using spring break to spark a change when you get back to school! New Year’s resolutions can start at anytime and you can start again whenever you’d like.

Try Getting a Jumpstart on your Summer Career Plans

Okay, I get it. You won’t want to think about job applications during spring break. But while everyone will be living it up in their vacation spots, you’ll be at an advantage if you decide to apply to some more businesses. We all know how important internships are. Maybe you’ll be looking for your first full-time opportunity in your field. Spring break can be a great time to make a small push and improve the odds that you’re in a position you’d like to be during future summers. When times are tough, I try to remember that each experience I’m able to gain could have an impact the trajectory of my career and the future people in my life.

 Have Some Fun with Friends and Family!

While a lot of your friends from school will probably be gone, you can catch up with some people at home who you can’t see regularly. I enjoyed seeing family members who I can only see occasionally during this past spring break. If you’re still close with friends from high school, see if anything will be new in your hometown. Or if your hometown isn’t exactly full of fun, try to visit your favorite place in it. Just because you won’t be on a fancy vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t make new memories with the people who have been in your life the longest!

By: Justin Lafferty


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